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Bobo seems to be suffering from buyer’s remorse.  In “Lord of Misrule” he whines that we’re living with exactly the kinds of injustices that lead to carnival culture, and we’ve crowned a fool king.  Um, what’s this “we” shit, Bobo?  The “we” to which I belong racked up 3 million more votes for our candidate.  It’s your crowd that saddled us with the Trumpocalypse.  And “gemli” from Boston will have a few words to say about this as well.  Here’s Bobo:

King David was most compelling when he danced. Overcome by gratitude to God, he stripped down to his linens and whirled about before the ark of the covenant — his love and joy spilling beyond the boundaries of normal decorum.

His wife, Michal, the daughter of King Saul, was repulsed by his behavior, especially because he was doing it in front of the commoners. She snarked at him when he got home for exposing himself in front of the servants’ slave girls like some scurrilous fellow.

The early Christians seem to have worshiped the way David did, with ecstatic dancing, communal joy and what Emile Durkheim called “collective effervescence.” In her book “Dancing in the Streets,” Barbara Ehrenreich argues that in the first centuries of Christianity, worship of Jesus overlapped with worship of Dionysus, the Greek god of revelry. Both Jesus and Dionysus upended class categories. Both turned water into wine. Second- and third-century statuettes show Dionysus hanging on a cross.

But when the church became more hierarchical, the Michals took over. Somber priest-led rituals began to replace direct access to the divine. In the fourth century, Gregory of Nazianzus urged, “Let us sing hymns instead of striking drums, have psalms instead of frivolous music and song, … modesty instead of laughter, wise contemplation instead of intoxication, seriousness instead of delirium.”

When elites try to quash the manners and impulses of the people, those impulses are bound to spill out in some other way. By the Middle Ages the cathedrals were strictly hierarchical, so the people created carnivals where everything was turned on its head. During carnival (Purim is the Jewish version), men dressed like women, the people could insult the king and bishops, drunkenness and ribaldry was prized over sober propriety.

As Ehrenreich puts it, “Whatever social category you had been boxed into — male or female, rich or poor — carnival was a chance to escape from it.”

Sometimes the celebration took on an enthusiasm that is hard for us to fathom. In 1278, 200 people kept dancing on a bridge in Utrecht until it collapsed and all were drowned.

The carnivals were partly a way to blow off steam, but in hard times they served as occasions for genuine populist revolts. In 1511, a carnival in Udine, Italy, turned into a riot that led to the murder of 50 nobles and the sacking of more than 20 palaces.

Carnival culture was raw, lascivious and disgraceful, and it elevated a certain social type, the fool.

There were many different kinds of fools: holy fools, hapless fools, vicious fools. Fools were rude and frequently unabashed liars. They were willing to make idiots of themselves. The point of the fool was not to be admirable in himself, but to be the class clown who had the guts to talk back to the teacher. People enjoyed carnival culture, the feast of fools, as a way to take a whack at the status quo.

You can see where I’m going with this. We live at a time of wide social inequality. The intellectual straitjackets have been getting tighter. The universities have become modern cathedrals, where social hierarchies are defined and reinforced.

We’re living with exactly the kinds of injustices that lead to carnival culture, and we’ve crowned a fool king. Donald Trump exists on two levels: the presidential level and the fool level. On one level he makes personnel and other decisions. On the other he tweets. (I honestly don’t know which level is more important to him.)

His tweets are classic fool behavior. They are raw, ridiculous and frequently self-destructive. He takes on an icon of the official culture and he throws mud at it. The point is not the message of the tweet. It’s to symbolically upend hierarchy, to be oppositional.

The assault on Representative John Lewis was classic. He picked one of the most officially admired people in the country and he leveled the most ridiculous possible charge (all talk and no action). It was a tweet devilishly well crafted to create the maximum official uproar. Anybody who writes for a living knows how to manipulate an outraged response, and Trump is a fool puppet master.

The sad part is that so many people treat Trump’s tweets as if they are arguments when in fact they are carnival. With their conniption fits, Trump’s responders feed into the dynamic he needs. They contribute to carnival culture.

The first problem with today’s carnival culture is that there’s an ocean of sadism lurking just below the surface. The second is that it’s not real. It doesn’t really address the inequalities that give rise to it. It’s just combative display.

This is a resolution I’m probably going to break, but I resolve to write about Trump only on the presidential level, not on the carnival level. I’m going to try to respond only to what he does, not what he says or tweets. I really wish some of my media confreres would do the same.

Well.  That was an especially rancid pile.  Here’s what “gemli” has to say:

Wait just a second—if electing a Fool King is a reaction to social injustice and rigid hierarchies, then why elect a Republican? Democrats have been fighting to loosen the chains for the last century. Republicans are the ones locking up the population, thumping the Bible, dragging us into wars and legislating bathroom behavior.

So what is this Fool King a protest against? He’s marching under a banner that says Down with Affordable Medical Care! Keep Salaries Low! Build a Wall! Fight the Nazis in the FBI! All Hail Mother Russia!

He tweets like a disturbed adolescent Internet troll. And yet David Brooks says that those of us who react to his foolish tweets are feeding into his dynamic. That’s just shifting the blame onto sensible people who point out that the emperor has no clothes. Possibly in a Russian hotel room. With two leaky hookers.

I can see why Mr. Brooks may want to disown his party’s chosen champion, but the rest of us aren’t obliged to pretend that things are normal.

The Fool King is not remotely presidential, so it’s not possible to write about him only on the presidential level. That’s what got us to this incomprehensible mess: millions of Americans looked at this festering blister of a candidate and thought that he was presidential.

The inauguration will not only be a victory for an illegitimate president. It will also be a victory for the illegitimate voter.”



2 Responses to “Solo Bobo”

  1. Ron Foster Says:


    First visit to your blog, like it a lot. Occasionally read Driftglass who holds a magnificent obsession for the mendacity of Bobo.

    This is OT with apologies. I assume you are the same Marion who leaves non comments at Wonkette from time to time. I have recently moved to Savannah with my wife. No contacts, no family or friends just sold our home and left SF Bay Area after 40 years. Don’t ask. So now I am Ron in Savannah and I am looking for progressive/democratic groups that I might connect with and donate some time and effort. Have searched the web but so far not much.

    I do not have a face book account and to date have only lurked on Wonkette but have logged in here. If you have a moment and any suggestions on where I might look I would be very grateful.

    Look forward to following you here.

    • mgpaquin Says:

      Welcome to Savannah, Ron!

      You’re right — I’m the Marion in Savannah who non-comments at Wonkette from time to time. Your move sounds like quite an upheaval. I hope it wasn’t caused by anything bad. The local Democratic Party headquarters is at 105 Wheeler Street. I’m not active in any groups, since my husband is ill and I spend most of my time at home, but I’m sure there are groups out there. Here’s a link to a Google search for “Savannah Democrats” that may help get you started. Unfortunately the only thing I see for Young Democrats of Savannah is a Farcebook page…

      If there’s other information I might be able to help you with (best vet, good dentist, etc., etc., please feel free to email me at mgpinsavannah AT gmail DOT com. Here’s that link:

      I hope you enjoy Savannah — it is a beautiful place.


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