Krugman’s blog, 9/13/16

There was one post yesterday, “Why Are The Media Objectively Pro-Trump?”:

Because they are, at this point. It’s not even false equivalence: compare the amount of attention given to the Clinton Foundation despite absence of any evidence of wrongdoing, and attention given to Trump Foundation, which engaged in more or less open bribery — but barely made a dent in news coverage. Clinton was harassed endlessly over failure to give press conferences, even though she was doing lots of interviews; Trump violated decades of tradition by refusing to release his taxes, amid strong suspicion that he is hiding something; the press simply dropped the subject.

Brian Beutler argues that it’s about protecting the media’s own concerns, namely access. But I don’t think that works. It doesn’t explain why the Clinton emails were a never-ending story but the disappearance of millions of George W. Bush emails wasn’t, or for that matter Jeb Bush’s deletion of records; the revelation that Colin Powell did, indeed, offer HRC advice on how to have private email the way he did hasn’t even been reported by some major news organizations.

And I don’t see how the huffing and puffing about the foundation — which “raised questions”, but where the media were completely unwilling to accept the answers they found — fits into this at all.

No, it’s something special about Clinton Rules. I don’t really understand it. But it has the feeling of a high school clique bullying a nerdy classmate because it’s the cool thing to do.

And as I feared, it looks as if people who cried wolf about non-scandals are now engaged in an all-out effort to dig up or invent dirt to justify their previous Clinton hostility.

Hard to believe that such pettiness could have horrifying consequences. But I am very scared.



One Response to “Krugman’s blog, 9/13/16”

  1. Russian Sage Says:

    You want to know why he gets a pass? Because people let him. Why were bankers handing out undocumented loans for hundreds of millions of dollars that he never intended to nor did he ever repay? When he came out for the Commander in Chief interview the smug look only he imagined was impressive must have been practiced for years. He walked as if he earned the respect of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and had a Congressional Medal of Honor to prove it. To put it succinctly Hillary has the political disadvantage of decades of experience. More is expected of her. Donald is a businessman. A mogul who went broke but somehow controls a vast fortune in domestic and foreign investments. His taxes are his business. Never you mind. He doesn’t suffer for lack of intellect. He grooms it because his public demands presence not character. He’s the answer to the anti-Christ. He promises. And the faithful flock to his feet. A self proclaimed King of Bankruptcy. I play the system he declares. And losers love it. Maybe he’s just the alter ego of the American loser.

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