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Bobo’s busy concern trolling.  In “Hillary, This Is Why Democrats Are Still Struggling” he ever-so-kindly diagnoses all our problems and says that Madam Secretary needs to fight her party’s materialistic mind-set.  His crap will be followed by a comment from “gemli” in Boston.  Here, FSM help us, is Bobo:

Dear Hillary,

Donald Trump has presented you with an amazing opportunity to become a world historical figure! If you crush him in this election, you could create a new Democratic majority and reduce the G.O.P. to an ever-declining rump of ethnic nationalism. On the other hand, if you fail to beat Trump, you will go down as America’s most hapless political loser and be vilified forever for enabling an era of American Putinism.

No pressure! Have fun in Philadelphia!

To end up on the right side of this equation you’re probably going to have to resist three natural tendencies, two of them your party’s and one your own.

First, you’re going to have to fight your party’s materialistic mind-set.

This is 2016, not 1992. Over the past few years, economic and social anxiety has metastasized into something spiritual and existential.

Americans are no longer confident in their national project. They no longer trust their institutions or have faith in their common destiny. This is a crisis of national purpose. It’s about personal identity and the basic health of communal life. Americans’ anger and pessimism are more fundamental than anything that can be explained by G.D.P. statistics.

Many Democrats have trouble thinking in these terms. When asked to explain any complex phenomenon, they instinctively reduce it to a materialist cause. If there’s terrorism there must be lack of economic opportunity. If marriage is declining it must be because of joblessness.

This materialistic mind-set means that many Democrats are perpetually surprised by events that involve cultural threats and national identity. Why don’t working-class Kansans vote for us? We offer them more programs. Why did the Brits leave the E.U.? It’s against their economic interest.

The mind-set is also reductionist. There’s a tendency to break national problems into small, interest-group-size chunks and then deliver pandering policy promises.

Look at your website. As Oren Cass points out in The City Journal, every demographic or interest group gets its own pander. If you’re a horse lover, the Clinton campaign vows to crack down on “horse soring, in which chemicals or other inhumane methods are applied to horses’ limbs to exaggerate their gait.”

If Democrats wage that kind of niche-targeted campaign this year they will lose. Voters are worried that the whole society is falling apart. If Democrats think a crisis of national identity can be addressed with targeted tax credits they are living in a different century.

To stand a chance, Secretary Clinton, you’re probably going to have to talk as adeptly about threats to personal dignity as you do about day care. You’re probably going to have to talk bluntly about the American civic religion. You’re going to have to show you understand the way members of your class have slighted people who are less educated and less cosmopolitan.

Second, you’re going to have to fight the Sanders tide, which on Day 1 of this convention was astoundingly strong. Many Democrats have grown hostile to capitalism. Sixty percent of Democrats are friendly to socialism, according to a poll by OnMessage Inc. and the American Action Network.

Of course, this is general election suicide. If you want a perfect way to turn off suburban service economy office park workers who will decide this election, then the Bernie Sanders route is it! The economic nostalgia of the left is as futile as the demographic nostalgia of the righ

Somehow you’re going to have to come up with an updated muscular Clintonism. For 30 years your name has stood for a Democratic governing style that is internationalist in foreign affairs, socially moderate and pro-global integration (while softening its edges). That open, optimistic approach has to be combined with a more aggressive and radical effort to help people compete in the new economy.

Third, you’re going to have to answer hatred with love. Your tendency so far in your career has been to answer hostility with distrust, and secretiveness.

You’ve ended up projecting coldness but also weakness and hurt. People who build emotional walls amid conflict do so out of fear, not strength.

Along the way you’ve made yourself phenomenally unpopular. The polls show that you are now just as distrusted by the American people as Donald Trump is.

The confident move is to break out of the emotional bunker with vulnerability. The sign of strength is to answer the “Lock Her Up” enmity with a confident honest account of what it feels like to be you — embroiled in the political combat, encased in this global celebrity role, but maintaining authenticity in a world that conspires against it.

Imagine if you displayed honest self-appraisal and even moments of remorse. You’d have the world rooting for you, not against you.

This convention is about resetting relationships: establishing trust between you and voters, restoring optimism that we can thrive in the modern economy, redefining a soul satisfying faith in the American project.

And now here’s what “gemli” had to say about that piece of shite:

Before David Brooks diagnoses the Democrats, he might want to get a check-up himself. He’ll certainly need to have an eye exam, because he’s clearly a Republican who can’t see the elephant in the room.

He thinks Democrats have a materialistic mind-set, possibly because they talk about raising a stagnated, unlivable minimum wage, and think that billionaires shouldn’t use political power to hoard all of the money. It seems we don’t worry about “the health of communal life” as much as we worry about our own health, and the economic motives of a party that makes removing health care a campaign plank.

We can date the loss of confidence in the national project from the moment an African-American Democrat was elected to the White House. The current Republican front runner was just an ignorant, gold-plated opportunistic liar back then who tried to delegitimize the president by attacking his citizenship and his academic credentials.

Democrats aren’t surprised by cultural threats when red-state fundamentalists take blue-state tax dollars while they pass laws against gay people. It’s practically become a national cliché. Republicans pander to these folks and promise to return us to the moral and racial traditions of the 1950s.

In a cesspool of Republican gun fanatics, sanctimonious bible thumpers, homophobes, science deniers, fear-mongerers and idiotic presidential contenders, Brooks give Hillary advice on restoring optimism.

It can’t be fixed. It can only be flushed.”



One Response to “Bobo, solo”

  1. Russian Sage Says:

    First of all Bobo is afraid to admit he was around for the 60’s. Secondly he’s throwing a sucker punch but it won’t land. We already heard Eva telling us and Al needlessly reminding us that we live in the best country in the world. Try worshiping in Saudi Arabia or Lebanon or Turkey or India or China. Republicans have selective memory loss when it comes to the economy. The hapless argument that the BLS stats are weighted should have been rolled over into an IRA before Lehman and Bear Sterns closed their collective doors and hid the money in Blackstone.Everything the Republicans banter about is color, and more often than not it’s money. Dodd-Frank? Social Security privatization? As one young woman on the PBS/NPR show stated Hillary needs to buckle down on the safety issue. Even though Mr Krugman has reminded us about the Upper West Side safety record snipers are a powerful image. Mr. Brooks must have wakened up on the floor of a Second Avenue bar comparing anyone he knows from the left side of the aisle who has pounded on minorities and the disabled. Coldness? He means a woman with brass caliber balls to kick butt when she shouldn’t have to waste the time of day on a Trumpette.

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