Krugman’s blog, 9/16/15

There was one post yesterday, “The Hair and the Houngans:”

This is really telling: Donald Trump is finally facing an all-outchallenge from conservatives — and it’s coming from the Club for Growth.

And who is the Club for Growth? It’s the enforcer organization for voodoo economics, for the claim, utterly refuted by all available evidence, that tax cuts for the rich generate miraculous growth. (High priests in voudou are houngans, hence my headline).

As I’ve been saying all along, while it’s true that Trump is a blowhard talking nonsense about policy, that’s true of every contender for the GOP nomination. He’s just talking different nonsense. And Trumponomics is, if anything, more sensible than the deep voodoo that has been embraced by Jeb Bush.

Trump isn’t a problem for Republicans; he’s a symptom of the problems Republicans have.


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