Krugman’s blog, 9/9/15

There was one post yesterday, “Dynamic Voodoo:”

We have a first score on the Jeb! tax plan — in answer to Matt O’Brien, I think we refer to this as the Bush! tax! cuts! It’s $3.4 trillion in lost revenue. But most of this will be made up through higher growth, Bush’s advisers, led by Glenn Hubbard, assure us.

And that’s highly credible, right? After all, Hubbard was a big booster of the Bush (as opposed to Bush!) tax cuts, which he assured everyone would lead to much faster growth and 300,000 jobs a month. He was especially proud of the 2003 tax cut.

And just look at the chart above, which compares private sector job creation after that pro-growth tax cut and after the job-killing 2013 Obama tax hike. As you can see — hmm, that doesn’t seem to go the right way, does it?

It’s almost pathological how Jeb! seems to have learned nothing from what didn’t work under Bro! Why, next thing he’ll be saying that he’s leaning on W’s advice for dealing with the Middle East. Oh, wait.


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One Response to “Krugman’s blog, 9/9/15”

  1. ThingsComeUndone Says:

    So Jeb has an unpopular idea a tax cut even as GOPers say we must raise the retirement age to go along with his *cough* strong support of Hispanics in the face of Trump. Just where is the sugar thats suppose to get us to swallow Jebs snake oil medicine ? Also Jeb is invested in fracking so unless the treaty with Iran does not pass Jeb will take a financial hit because oil prices are below the break even point on fracking.

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