Krugman’s blog, 4/23/15

There were two posts yesterday.  The first was “ACA Airbrushing:”

Yesterday I mentioned the phenomenon of austerity airbrushing — the way people who made pro-austerity arguments that have been refuted by events now claim that they said something quite different from what they did, in fact, say. There’s a comparable development when it comes to health reform — except that this is even more amazing, because it depends on observers forgetting what the debate looked like in the very recent past.

Thus, Jonathan Chait has some fun with the very thin-skinned Cliff Asness, who claims that it was “never in dispute” that Obamacare would increase the number of Americans with health insurance. Hmmm:

As Brad DeLong likes to say, I’ll stop calling these people Orwellian when they stop using 1984 as an operations manual. Although in these cases I suspect that we’re really talking about a pathetic level of self-delusion.

Yesterday’s second post was “Friday Night Music, Early Edition: San Fermin:”

Yes, I know it’s Thursday — but they have a new record just out, and two concerts in Williamsburg tonight and tomorrow. (Alas, I can’t make it — my various day jobs sometimes get in the way of my indie obsession.) And this is the first video I’ve seen that really conveys how great they are in live performance.

At the risk of burbling too much: the band really has five leads, with Allen and Charlene on lead vocals, but with John and Stephen (trumpet and sax) often moving to the front and carrying the energy, and Rebekah (violin and backup vocals) also up front and just as much part of the visual show. The effect is a level of energy and excitement above and beyond anything the record (fine as it is) can convey.




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