Krugman’s Blog, 2/28/13

Just one post yesterday, “Gene Sperling Doesn’t Respect Me:”

So, after reading the Bob Woodward saga of the alleged “threat” from Gene Sperling, the White House supereconwonk, I went through my own correspondence with Gene, and couldn’t find anything threatening — although I guess you could read his injunction, at one point, to “take care” in an ominous tone of voice.

Hey, don’t I rate some proper intimidation?

But then, Woodward’s story is looking supremely silly too. Can Robert Redford unportray him, or star in a sequel titled “All the president’s crybabies”?

Meanwhile, apologies for radio silence. Back on the job tomorrow.



One Response to “Krugman’s Blog, 2/28/13”

  1. karenjj2 Says:

    Hi Marion
    I’m always late to Attaturk’s in the morning; but his post is first read in the morning.

    And your NYT opinion page recap over the YEARS (!) is much appreciated; especially as “it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.” I am so pleased that you sweeten your report with the kittens antics –supurb word pictures that make me chuckle and sometimes: 707 !


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